Alzheimer's Society: Annual reports and Campaigns

Annual review 2007/08
I designed a much needed realistic, truthful and transparent review about dementia.


A disease which has no cure needed people to take notice of the Alzheimer’s Society plight in their fight against dementia.

aelia_alzheimers-society_5 aelia_alzheimers-society_6

Stark black and white images set with quotes from people with dementia, carers, campaigners and fundraisers were used to create an intense, vivid insight into the realities of this cruel disease.


Impact report and review 2009/10
‘I live with dementia’ was developed as the title of the report. Many┬ápeople are affected by dementia, not just the person with the dementia.


The Impact Report was filled with case studies from people involved in all aspects of the Society, giving a frank insight into their roles and impact. The online version of the report had links to short films for each of the case studies.

aelia_alzheimers-society_10 aelia_alzheimers-society_11 aelia_alzheimers-society_12


Campaign materials for Tesco’s charity of the year 2010


These projects were produced at Red Stone.