BBC: Campaigns and Event design

A selection of posters I designed for the BBC apprenticeship schemes.

aelia_bbc_3 aelia_bbc_4 aelia_bbc_5 aelia_bbc_6 aelia_bbc_7aelia_bbc_8aelia_bbc_9

Identity for BBC Radio 2’s Abba live in Hyde Park.

aelia_bbc_92 aelia_bbc_93

Based on the classic 70s styles: flares, platforms and hair, I created iconic and instantly recognisable hair portraits that could only belong to ABBA.



The event branding covered everything: press ads, online banners, eNewsletters, tickets, leaflets, programs, on-screen graphics, banners and more. Over 35,000 people attended.


These projects were produced at Red Stone.