Universal McCann: Brand, Art direction, Strategy and Guideline

Media buying agency Universal McCann needed an identity to reflect their expertise within their market, as well as capitalising on their products and services. With their existing positioning as ‘curiosity works’ we looked to define what this meant for their brand. 


We placed their existing letters into a roundel to reflect their worldwide reach as well as echoing their holistic approach.


aelia_um_3 aelia_um_4

We sourced a bank of images which best describes what they do and how they communicate. The images were split into 6 areas: Understand, Discover, Imagine, Architect, Invest and Measure and reflect these words through an element of curiosity and prominent colour reference to their red.


Brand application and website.

aelia_um_6 aelia_um_7 aelia_um_8

The circle informed how we treated their sub-brands and whilst it, remains the constant, the inside became four different logos each reflecting the various products and services, from social media tracking in ‘Wave 6’ to global training with ‘Curiosity University’.

aelia_um_9 aelia_um_10 aelia_um_11 aelia_um_12

To link all the identities we kept the look and feel the same across all materials: use of red within imagery, curious language and clean layouts. For each of the sub-brands we simply added the graphic language used within their logos.


Brand guideline.


This project was produced at Futurebrand.